Beat Online Bookmakers With These Secret Betting Strategies

As betting is a zero-sum game, it is imperative for you to have a proper strategy before jumping into the online betting bandwagon. This article discusses the secret betting strategies.

The bookie, according to the popular perception, lives in a fortress guarded by data analysts who create forecast models that guarantee profits. Bettors across the globe each day lay siege to the bastion but the bookie has the last laugh almost every time. Several betting strategies have been put forward redundantly, some of which are inventive while the rest are rhetorical. We bring a bouquet of those inventive strategies giving you a way forward when the flutter is overpowering. Because taking on the might of a bookie in a zero-sum game is a tough ask.

Get a handle on your sport:

Online betting spoils you for choices with a sheer diversity of options to wager on. However, you need to choose your game wisely based on your inclination, comfort factor, style of play and wagering objectives. Once you zero in on a particular game, stick to it for at least a year. The reason being, you have to give yourself a realistic chance of mastering the game and its rules and subtleties. Remember, the bookies prey on your ignorance and fear your knowledge.

Maintain a detailed record:

Record keeping is not just a prerogative of the accountants, as even bettors do it more often. The rationale is to have a ready reference for their performance over a period, which helps in better strategies. You can also take a leaf out of their book and maintain a record of your recent and not so recent exploits. The record should be detail-oriented, including the number of online betting games you played, winning percentage, losing streaks and everything else imaginable.

Be a vigilant bettor:

Bookmakers’ leverage is a sophisticated approach that hedges them against loses. However, their approach has its share of vulnerabilities, which if spotted can turn the tide. Suppose, two soccer teams are battling it out on the field and one is a clear favourite. Obviously, the majority of bettors prefer to play safe by wagering on the stronger team, leaving the bookmaker to make a large payout if the popular team wins. In a bid to salvage loses, the bookie may offer better odds on the unlikely outcome, thereby creating opportunities for the vigilant bettor.

Behave like an investor:

Betting is a celebration of your rationality, ingenuity and skills. You wager on betting games to multiply your stakes and any intrusion of emotions can dent your aspirations, hopes and bankroll significantly. The situation calls for you to behave like an investor, weighing your wagering decisions with a rational mindset, instead of letting emotions override your actions. Be it fear, anger, favouritism or complacency, you are better off without any of these emotions. A bit of self-discipline and effort to streamline your emotional outlook will serve your cause.

Be aware of your betting market:

There are more markets in online betting games that one can imagine. So, prudence is the buzzword when it comes to choosing the ideal betting market. Don’t just jump into a market only because it is relatively unexplored or looks attractive from the outside. Get as much knowledge about it as possible from the bookie or other resources. Remember, everything that glitters is not gold.

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