Is it Possible to Bet Online in India?

Though betting is one of the most popular sports across the world, many people in India are still not aware of it due to lack of proper information. Online betting is one of the most popular modes of betting these days. Though betting is illegal in most of the parts of India, no such law explicitly states this related to online betting. This is the main reason why it is gaining popularity rapidly in India. Here is something that will solve your doubts related to online betting in India so that you can go for betting without any confusions.

  • Betting online in India seem to have emerged as a result of the loophole in the legal drafting related to betting. Since there is nothing stated in the law related to online mode, the websites and the players are enjoying earning money in this way.

  • IPL is one of the most popular times in the world of online betting. Sports lover consider it as a golden opportunity because there is a match happening every day which gives them a chance to earn more money. There is nothing better than making your favourite sport provide you with something in return.

  • There are various types of bets that can be placed online. These include betting on the players, teams, total score, highest scorer, highest wicket-taker and so on. Thus, online betting in cricket gives you a wider scope of earning money and other rewards than betting on any other sport.

  • Betting online is simple. You have to register on the website, and you will be given a registering bonus with which you can start betting online. Link your bank account to this registered account on the website or transfer funds through any other mode so that you can start betting. There is one common condition that you have to be over the age of 18 before you register on any of these websites.

  • There had been many disputes in the past related to betting, but no case law states anything related to online betting. Thus, you can enjoy earning money this way till the time nothing is modified in the law.

  • Make sure that you are checking the background of the website and the people behind the website before registering on it. If the website is transparent and you can find most of the basic details online, it is more likely that the website is a real one and you are going to place your money on a safe portal by registering on it.

  • Online gambling is still not openly allowed in the complete nation. It is prohibited in Sikkim since 2009 after the issuance of a circular by the government and is allowed on the intranet. Since it is restricted to that state, the people in the rest of India can enjoy it.

Though betting as a whole is in the process of being legalised, online betting is something that is the new love of sports lovers these days. If you want to start betting online, start it now and win before it gets illegal in India!

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