5 Best Live Casino Games To Play

Nowadays, many online casino games are popular in the market. Some of them are as given below. There is a total description on them.

  1. Online Roulette

Excitement is the most important thing in a game. When it comes to a casino game, it is no less expected. That very moment when the white ball slows down, it will be the most awaiting moment. All the players will be praying for them to win. When it I available to play online then why not in a VR. Yes, the VR needs no headsets or such things. Just get into it and play as you wish. The same excitement as in a real casino will be felt.

  1. Blackjack:

This is one another exciting game. It has two players you and your opposition. Your opposition will try hard to defeat you. He can easily judge the card you are having and it’s quite easy for him to defeat. This game needs a full effort and dedication. It needs a lot of thinking and presence of mind. Now this game can also be played by wearing a VR glass. The main advantage you have is that you can see your opposition face and his reaction easily. You can also experience the defeat of your opposition. This may add on bonuses for you.

  1. Miss Midas:

This is a Nextgen online game. The king was replaced by Miss Midas. The king was a generous one and the new successor is also equally generous. It has superset technology. The player can claim more symbols and earn as much needed soon and create additional winning combinations.

  1. Star burst:

The first dedicated virtual reality casino game is the Slot Million. This star burst is also similar to it. This can be played without any headgear and hardware present. It provides a great experience, impressive graphics and a wider view of the screen. This also allows many winning combinations and offers many winning slots. Within the ten pay lines there will be a heavy competition. Starburst has been through many times. It has been a popular one for many years and is still the one used widely. It is one of the first virtual game to become so popular around the world.

  1. Jack and the beanstalk:

This game was released by Net Entertainment. This company got more popular because of this game. It is known for its animation and the 3D effects it produces. It has great impressive and enhanced graphics with 3D sound spaces giving a complete experience for the users. This company showed Jack in a ICE version which was a wide spread and a popular one. This game uses a VR platform that uses a smartphone to translate the images on a screen for its virtual reality.

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