5 Different Types of Live Roulette You Can Play

Online casino games are gaining popularity all around the world. Live roulette is one of the most preferred games by online players. So, if you are an enthusiast for live roulette looking for a change or a live player looking for new games or simply a beginner exploring the world of live roulette, here is a list of five kinds of live roulette you can play.

Remember that even though the versions might be different, the gaming rules of roulette remain the same all around.

European Roulette:

The main distinction in roulette games comes with the European and the American version. European Roulette is played with a wheel with 36 numbers and one zero, that is, 0 – 36. The RTP or Return to Player chances here is 97.3%. This one is available with any online casino games provider. However, with the changing interface, the options available will change. For example, the more advanced interfaces will let you bet directly on statistical view of past results or hot and cold numbers. While the simpler versions have a racetrack that will let you save your favourite bets.

American Roulette:

Visionary iGaming, UniBET Casino and other live gaming program – American Roulette has 1 – 36 and two zeroes decreasing the RTP to 94.74%. So, obviously, it is not for the people who are just starting out. Otherwise, the rules are quite the same as European Roulette and if you like to crank up the odds this might be the roulette for you.

French Roulette:

LeoVegas , Betfair, Betvictor and the like provide French Roulette which is a subtype of European Roulette but actually uses the traditional baize layout. The major variation is La Partage Rule where you end up getting half the money stake back if the ball lands on zero. La Partage is for the ones who place even bets because the RTP is 98.5%.

Live Streamed Roulette:

This was how live roulette started off, but it went out of favour because of the poor image quality. However, this is not the case anymore and since 2015 live streamed roulette where you play along an actual land-based roulette has been gaining popularity. The obvious advantages are the authenticity of the game and the additional trust factor. The main variations available are American and European. However, French and other roulette variations are also available by some providers. The most popular providers are Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, Wirex and Authentic Gaming.

Live Speed Roulette:

Perhaps, one of the most interesting variations of live roulette where betting is allowed while the ball is in the wheel and has a limited spin time – for example, 25 seconds. This makes the game purely instinctual compared to the non-speed roulette which takes around 48 – 60.

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