Blackjack Cheat Sheet to Win Every Time

Online Blackjack is a package deal loaded with entertainment, excitement and earnings. Here, you invest your ingenuity and skills to get closer to the figure of 21 without exceeding it or busting. If done consistently, you rake in money but if you miss it more often, big losses are inevitable. However, blackjack also has a profound element of probability, which, on one hand, brings in excitement, while, on the other, exposes you to losses. Worst still, the online casino always has an edge, despite the fact that you are pitted against the dealer and not the machine. The good news, however, is that there are some effective ways to beat the house advantage and win big consistently, and we take the prerogative of unravelling them for you.

Determine the table rules:

Not all online blackjack tables are created equal. Some may use a single deck, while others prefer multiple ones to hedge against card counting. Also, there are tables that mandate the dealer to stop at 17, while many do not follow any such restrictions. With so much of variance, you are better off knowing the rules of the table prior to committing to it. This will help you to plan out a viable strategy and implement it to get the better of the dealer. Avoid tables where the dealer is free to hit on a soft 17 because your chances of winning are always lean there.

Do your homework:

When you play blackjack online, playing according to a strategy is imperative. From when to even the money, ask for insurance, split the cards and double the stakes to deciding whether to hit or stand, everything needs to be planned beforehand. Additionally, consistency should be the buzzword for you when wagering on blackjack. Simply put, do not raise your stakes drastically until you win. Given the probability factor inherent in blackjack, your losing streak can be frustratingly long, taking a significant toll on your bankroll. The thumb rule is to bet low when odds are against you and increase the stakes gradually when odds are favourable.

Prefer not to buy insurance:

It is a common practice on part of the online casinos to offer you protection (insurance) when it has a blackjack. In simple terms, here the dealer is enticing you into a side bet, where you have to wager on whether the dealer has the blackjack or not. It is more likely that you will end up winning the side bet, which is obviously of a lower value vis-à-vis the main bet but losing the main bet. The arrangement allows you to drive home funds in the short term but make you pay heavily over a period. Apparently, you need to avoid buying insurance for lasting betting gains.

Quit when you win:

The time you choose to walk away from the game is crucial, as it has a direct impact on your bankroll. The majority of punters continue to play blackjack online when they have raked in enough money and the losing streak has set in. Attribute it to the “more-you-play, the-more-you-win” syndrome, the decision to prolong your play time often leads to your undoing. So, it is advisable to resist the temptation and quit the game when you have made profits.

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