Online Casino Games – How Secure are They

As the casino games are steadily transitioning from the offline model to an online one, the security of online transactions has become a paramount concern for bettors globally.

The online casinos are exploding in popularity across the world and India could not stay immune to them either. The Indian online betting industry is worth INR 1,200 crores, at present, and continues to grow at a healthy rate of 70 per cent annually. The impressive numbers that industry has racked up can be attributed to multiple factors, including convenience, easy accessibility and security among others. As the industry has come of age, a proper structure and protocols have evolved rapidly that make for secure online wagering experience. If that is hard to picture, keep reading, as we run you through these protocols for better understanding.

Legal compliances:

There has been a flurry of online casinos lately, some of which may not play by the rules. However, those who do, have proper licenses from relevant authorities and subject their systems to regular audits from independent agencies. These licenses and audits are a guarantee that the online casino plays fair and meets industry standards in cybersecurity. As a bettor, it’s imperative that you place wagers with legit web casinos conforming to the applicable laws.

Encrypted Communications:

With cyber-attacks running rampant, the online casinos are increasingly relying on technology to counter the menace. Using 256-bit encryption is a standard practice among web casinos to ensure anonymity to transactional information and maintain data security at all levels. The encryption technology breaks your personally identifiable information into codes that are a hard nut to crack even for the best of hackers and hacking technologies.

Secure network topology:

Any of the top casinos make for secure network topology by implementing reliable intrusion prevention measures. They prefer using updated Firewall systems to deter any intrusion from hackers, worms and viruses and regulate the activities of bettors during the play. File Transfer Protocols, in conjunction with verification protocols, authentication and access control, are also being extensively used to minimize any unauthorized credit card use. If any anomaly is noticed in credit card use, the casino may suspend your account until the issue is sorted out.

Privacy policy:

An online casino’s privacy policy is not just a collection of sentences, often inconvenient to read and understand, but food for the bettor’s brain. Every online casino gathers personal information from the bettor, including registration details, age and ID proofs, payment information, device details and more. Non-personal information related to gameplay, device and connection and analytics and anonymous is also usually asked for. In the Privacy policy, the online casino declares what it does with the information thus collected. Although a general census exists on not to sell, rent or share the information, exceptions are always there.

Software Preference:

The web casinos are particular about choosing the right software for conducting games. They prefer certified programmes tested for security and compatible with all devices. The software is also updated consistently to keep you away from the harm’s way. The majority of operators emphasise on making all transactions through verified and regulated banking channels, which also promotes security in online transactions.


The online casinos operate with an evolved security model to keep your deposits, winnings and personal information safe and discrete but the vulnerability factor cannot be ruled out.

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