What Payment Gateway Supports Gambling websites?

Now that your online betting site is about to see the light of the day, making a wise decision on the payment system is the need of the hour. The success of your web platform largely depends on the level of transparency, convenience, flexibility and assurance that your system brings into card processing. You are better off with a merchant that facilitates transactions in all popular currencies, flaunts a minimal card rejection record and provides trustworthy payouts and consistent reporting. If it is a hard nut for you to crack, due to the lack of specialized knowledge, we are here to help with details of several payment processors that can help you progress.


A significant part of the global e-commerce segment relies on PayPal for safe and speedy online transactions, and the online betting operators could not stay immune to it either. Presently, the top online casinos prefer this payment gateway for easy deposits and fast withdrawals in multiple options. Your clients are at liberty to fund the PayPal account through credit or debit cards, bank accounts or account balances with the assurance that their personally identifiable information will stay discrete. The payment gateway accepts over 25 major currencies, is available in over 200 countries in all five continents and provides the best customer support 24/7.


Pay360 is one of the most reliable gaming solutions providers, specializing in streamlined online, face-to-face, telephone, and multi-channel payment options. With over 18 years of experience, 200 employees, 40 products, more than 6000 clients across verticals and £9.6 BN transactions per annum, the solutions provider has amplified numbers to testify its dominance. The PCI DSS Level 1 and PA-DSS certified solutions provider equips every Chip & PIN device with PTS to ensure the highest level of security. Pay360 is keen on minimizing rejection rates and mitigating risks and frauds through an advanced platform, OPTIMIZE. Smart automation is also used to facilitate prompt decision-making and exceptional customer experience.


Among the coveted payment systems, NETELLER stands out for its versatility, outreach, and customer-centric ways. The payment system has the reputation of supporting all major currencies, including USD, Euro, Pound, INR and more and the lowest card rejection rates. It enables you to make direct transfers from a deposit to a casino without any hassles or delays. Efficient and friendly support is yet another redeeming feature of this system. Talking about the outreach of NETELLER, it is used globally (approximately in 160 countries) and the demand is still growing.

ECO Card:

ECO Card is essentially an online wallet built to operate in line with the industry standards set for debit cards use. The system is revered for bringing in top-of-the-line security measures, which speaks for a highly intricate and elaborate registration process. It was initially meant for Europe but steadily made its way into other markets globally. In fact, an online betting site, which may be in the US or India, can capitalize on the system for quick and secure transactions with European banking account or any global credit or debit card.

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