5 Effective Tips to Know Before Playing Online Cricket Game and Win Lots of Money

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As losing is counter-intuitive to the very nature of cricket betting, you are better served by tried and tested strategies that will keep you on the winning track in the long run.

Punters place wagers on cricket in anticipation of a big payday, there are no two ways about it. Assuming that you have made up your mind to jump on the betting bandwagon, your aspirations may not be any different either. Though betting is a high return and low-risk proposition, banking solely on your instincts is counterproductive. The need of the hour is a feasible strategy that can mitigate risks and keep you profitable in the long run. To help you stay informed, we are elaborating five of the most prominent ones. Read on and get enlightened.

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The adage – no pain, no gain – is as much applicable to online cricket betting as to any other undertaking. So, get in the role of a researcher and dig out reliable, actionable information that will add nuance to your betting decisions. Thanks to the internet, pounding the pavement in search of information is passé. Just grab your Smartphone, log on to relevant websites and a wealth of information is at your fingertips. From team performance and player fitness to team compositions, head-to-head records, weather conditions and pitch report, everything is easily available.

Understand Odds:

It is imperative to understand cricket match odds even before the thought of placing wagers crosses your mind. The reason being, odds correspond to the probability of a cricket contest and determine your overall earnings. Thankfully, getting your head around these figures is not that complicated an affair. Suppose the odds are at 5/1, you invest INR 1 to take home INR 5. Oftentimes, cricket betting websites offer odds in decimals, which are easy to decipher as well. Just multiply the numbers of the odds by 1 and the value of the earnings will become evident.

Find Value:

As fundamental as odds are to your betting success, the thumb rule is to shortlist cricket betting sites, compare odds and place bets accordingly. However, determining value is equally important, as poor values deter your profits. Even if you come across a sure thing, do not bet if the value is missing because the ends will not justify the effort. Shopping around to get the best value is a tedious task costing you effort and time but the earnings will justify the ordeal.

Prefer a Decent Bankroll:

Even though betting is the fastest route to big money, the chances of the loss cannot be ruled out. Here, a larger bankroll will serve your cause. Your account should have enough money to withstand the losing streaks and pay for the runners and other expenses. The larger bankrolls also allow you to maintain multiple accounts with multiple sports books and create arbitrage opportunities that will benefit in tangible ways.

Decide on the Format:

Kohli Williamson Root

Cricket is a multi-format game comprising test matches, ODIs and T20s. As the international cricket circuit is abuzz the year around, keeping track of all formats simultaneously is a big task. So, as a starter, it is important to specialize in one format that suits your aspirations and bet on it.

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