Five Most Important Tips for Online Cricket Players

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As profitability is central to online cricket betting, you have to outsmart the bookmaker with due diligence, proper planning and confident implementation.

Online cricket bookmaking operates with a proven model based on profitability for the bookmaker and the bettor alike. Had it not been the case, the betting sector would have been in shambles and not a thriving multi-billion industry as it is today. However, the house always has its basics right but it is up to the better to be impeccable with his ways to grab his due of the betting pie. Contrary to the popular sentiment, claiming your share is not that difficult a proposition provided you are willing to see the bigger picture and act accordingly. We are here with five key tips that can make cricket betting a profitable endeavour for you.

Research the players:

As cricket is a team game, you have to be mindful of the team composition before placing an online cricket Satta. Scurry web pages to get information on the skill sets, recent form and fitness of key players who can impact the outcome of the match. Also, determine their adaptability to certain playing conditions and formats. This is crucial, as certain players thrive in a certain format and may be an abject failure in the other. The same holds true for teams as well. For instance, West Indies is a formidable T20 side but a non-entity in the longer version.

Factor in the pitch:

Focus On Cricket Pitch While Doing Cricket Betting

Pitches in Australia and South Africa are hard and grassy, offering a better purchase to fast bowlers, while you will find rank turners in the Indian subcontinent suited to spinners. However, certain pitches can deteriorate as the game progresses, especially in the 5-day format, making predictions go haywire. What is a batting paradise in the earlier phase can quickly turn into a minefield testing the batsmen’s skills, patience and temperament? Since the 22-yard strip has the power to alter outcomes, ignoring it means compromising your stakes.

Monitor weather conditions:

Weather is yet another subtlety of cricket. Overcast conditions aid the swing bowlers and sunny conditions favour the batsmen while hot weather puts spinners in the driving seat. Moreover, weather not only impacts performances but alters the duration of the game as well. In the case of a shower, the match may be called off or reduced with totals reset through Duckworth Lewis method. So, monitor weather conditions closely for betting leverage.

Prefer Betting on wins:

Chances of a draw are always ripe, particularly in the test format. So, betting on a draw can be a winning move but only at times. The advent of T20 had a profound impact on the approach of teams globally, as they are now more inclined to play attacking cricket and push for wins. Typical test players capable of saving matches with persistence and caution are giving way to more aggressive ones who prefer enticing audiences with belligerent stroke play.

Root for the underdog:

Instances where underdogs stage an upset are not uncommon these days. You can monetize the trend for more gains in online betting cricket. Just root for the underdog if the value is good and help yourself to the jackpot.

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