Growing Popularity of Live Cricket Betting in India

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While the game of cricket originated in England, it is now more popular in India and other parts of the globe. The 1 billion strong Indian diaspora unites during a cricket match when the Indian national cricket team plays, and more than 40% of the Indian population is glued to the television screen or radio channels to get the live updates. Cricket is also the game most heavily betted upon in India. Estimates reveal that more than USD 200 million is bet on the one-day international matches that the team India plays. Cricket betting online is popular because of many reasons.

Many kinds of bets

While betting on the end result of the cricket game is most popular bet, there are other bets. This includes the session bets on how much a team will score in the first 15 overs, and bets on batsman who will score the most runs, the bowler who will take the most wickets and other kinds of bets. Cricket betting makes up for an 80% share of the INR 300, 000 crore gambling market of India and the wide opportunities are there to be exploited for those who have the expertise.

Bet online

The online bets can be conveniently placed on any game of cricket including the state, national or international level matches that are played within India or at other world destinations, at home itself or through a smartphone. The leading online sports books, for instance, BetRally India offer you betting options for a wide variety of games including cricket, football, basketball, and others.

Bet on events “live”

You can also place the online “live” now. Indian Premier League, World Cup, Ashes, Twenty-Twenty World Cup… A reputed and popular online gambling website will offer you the options to place the wagers for cricket betting online in real time. You can also withdraw the winning amount while the game is still on.


When you bet on the Indian sports books you do not have to deposit the money in USD or in any other currency. You can deposit the money in INR or Indian Rupees through your bank account, credit or debit card, Paypal and through other options. The winning amount is also directly delivered to your bank account in Indian rupees only. As the currency conversion rates do not apply, you get full value for your buck.

Cash backs and discounts

The leading online sports books make the games more appealing and lucrative for their members. They offer the players privileges like cash backs, discounts and other promotional and loyalty offer so that one can start placing the wagers in a very pocket-friendly way.

Betting on multiple sports books

You can choose multiple sports books to place your wagers. If you have given proper time and done ample amount of research towards choosing the right players and the cricket teams, you can win good money at multiple websites this way.

There is no law that prohibits online betting in India. As a result, there are a number of national and international businesses and online websites that offer online sports books for placing wagers and bets. Reports and news point out that betting will soon have a tax levied on it as well.

Bet Now and Win!

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