Why RCB Don’t Want to Use Cheerleaders in IPL 2018?

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The Indian Premier League nicknamed the IPL is one of the biggest cricketing events in the world and is nothing short of a festive season in India. In a country where cricket is treated as a religion and cricketers are treated as gods, this T20 cricket league is celebrated with much fanfare.

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Apart from the adrenaline-rushing matches and the players themselves, another thing that plays a very important role in the IPL is the cheerleaders. Every team has their own squad of beautiful cheerleaders for motivating the players and entertaining the fans. However, Royal Challengers Bangalore do not have cheerleaders in this year’s IPL, and the reason for the same is a sensible one.

Why No Cheerleaders for RCB in IPL 2018?

Amrit Thomas has replaced Vijay Mallya as the head of RCB. Until now, the team used to hire the White Mischief girls of the Washington Redskins team as their cheerleaders. However, it was Amrit Thomas who decided not to have only female cheerleaders for their team to remove gender stereotyping.

Rather than a female cheerleaders squad, RCB now has a squad made up of men as well as women to change the way how fans perceive cheerleaders. The squad now dresses as Captain Henry Morgan, a popular privateer from Wales. A few members from the squad now holds banners with Hindi, Kannada and English catchphrases and cheer the fans to read those messages.

Having Cheer Girls is Not an Indian Concept

It is also reported that the head of the team believes that the concept of having cheer girls has been borrowed from the Western countries and doesn’t suit the Indian set-up. He said that the concept often objectifies women and they do not want their team to promote something like this. This is commendable, given the issues of women’s safety across the country.

While the RCB is struggling with its performance in this years IPL, this is indeed a very sensible decision which should also be followed by other teams for the next year’s seasons.

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