2018 Football Betting Terms and Their Meanings – Explained

Understanding the entire concept of this much-loved game can be a bit tedious for those not interested in football. So, if you have found your affection for this game lately, here is every jargon you must know about in terms of football betting.

There was a time when the government had imposed a lot of restrictions on football betting. However, with time, not just the game has accumulated a lot of popularity, but the methods and practices have evolved as well.

So, if you are a novice football lover, it is quite important for you to understand every bit of it easily so that you can enjoy the game seamlessly. Therefore, below-mentioned are some important terms that you should be knowing if you claim to be a fan.

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  • Accumulator Bet: Also known as Parlay bet, accumulator bet is one of the most common types. It is nothing but a single bet that is an accumulation of two or more than that bets. To win this bet, the prediction for every selection should be correct. If the selection result is wrong, you will end up losing the bet.
  • Ante Post Betting: This type of betting allows you to bet weeks, months, or even years before the match begins. This concept has been derived from horse racing. In the game of football, you can ante-post bet on a team for a world cup match even before the commencement of the tournament.
  • Betting Exchange: Working just like the stock market, the betting exchange allows you to trade bets. Instead of betting against of the bookmaker, this concept lets you bet against your team’s player. It is like a middle intermediary that takes commissions from the stake.
  • Canadian: This one is also popular as Super Yankee. Canadian comprises a total of 26 bets, which involve different events and each event allows five selections. This type of bet contains 5 four folds, 1 accumulator, 10 doubles, and 10 trebles. There should be at least two selections to win.

Although there are several football betting terms, however, these are the few essential ones. So, before you get set to bet on the next match, make sure that you are completely aware of different terms and their meaning.

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