How to Bet on Tennis? A Beginner’s Guide to Online Tennis Betting

If you love tennis and are keen on betting on the sport, we recommend that you read on to improve your chances of winning those bets. We guide you on the best tennis betting odds and tips.

Tennis is one of the most popular sports for fans as well as bettors because it is a fast-paced and entertaining. Learning the rules of the game is easy and once you have a thorough understanding of the rules, the following tips will assist you in tennis betting.

Factors to consider-

The Court: Tennis is played on four different surfaces: grass, clay, hard-court and carpet. The ball travels at different speeds on each of those surfaces. Therefore, players performance on each court type can vary.

Skills, dexterity, and preferences of players: It is important to know the varying skills of a player, whether they are left handed or right handed. Their ability to play backhand and deliver aces should be taken into account.

Type of player: A tennis player can be a big server, baseline player, all-rounder, defensive player or a player who prefers to play at the net. Knowing strengths and weaknesses is important.

Tournaments to watch out:

Every year there are four different Grand Slam tournaments in tennis: Wimbledon (grass), French Open (clay), Australian Open (hard court) and US Open (hard court). Both men and women participate in each of those tournaments. The players are ranked by WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) and ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals).

Types of markets for betting:

Here’s a concise look at the markets for tennis betting:

Money line: It is about the player who will win the match.

Handicap: Here you have to bet on the number of games each player will win after they have been awarded advantages.

Total games: In this, you have to bet on the total number of games that will be played before the outcome of a match can be decided.

Outright: Here you need to bet on the odds of an individual player of winning a tournament.
Apart from the above, you must also know a player’s global ranking and their past performances, and also learn about the betting strategy and psychology before you start tennis betting.

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